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That kind of day. THAT one.

Me: eastbound on the SE Powell sidewalk, heading from the office after my shift to go to Burgerville to treat myself to a chocolate hazelnut seasonal milkshake, because I've EARNED a treat.

Some driver: eastbound on SE Powell (thank everything not on the sidewalk), and I notice the car's lights are off post-9:00 p.m. This is bad. So I wave my arms as long-ly as possible, yelling "Lights!" and hoping the driver notices something is, well, off. The driver doesn't, at least not immediately. I turn to watch the car continue down the road and also so I can keep walking to BurgervWHAP.

The "WHAP" is me walking straight into a pole.

No injury except to my pride. But I did yell and swear, because IT'S BEEN A DAY LIKE THAT: try to help and get whapped for the trouble. It's also been a day of spun-up, manic, needy customers.

Everyone. Ahem. EVERYONE. Take HAL 9000's advice and "lie down, take a stress pill and think things over." I thank you. In advance.

(The chocolate hazelnut milkshake and the waffle fries with chipotle dipping sauce was good, by the way. That's helping my mood.)
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