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Now, tea time (decaf)

A customer service call that takes a long time can, for both the customer and the service rep, be draining.

I think today I broke a record for how many 40-minute calls I had in a single shift.

Sometimes it takes that long. One of those calls wound up needing three different reports done about it, due to three separate but very important issues. And the customer, I'm relieved to say, thanked me afterwards for being very, very patient.

By that I mean I sounded very, very patient. Which can seem like the same thing.

(The result of that call? The customer spoke to a supervisor afterward to pass along that I'd handled the case well. Kudos are nice.)

But today meant a lot of talking. And I have a scratch in the back of my throat, and I didn't have tea to soothe it. I wonder if people could tell; my voice felt rougher as the day went on. Now to drink tea and NOT TALK. Except when I sometimes say what I'm writing out loud, the way Robert E. Howard did. (Him in customer service? Would've been funny.)
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