Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Do the happy dance

Daria O’Neill!
Daria O’Neill!
Daria O’Neill!

I am a woo-hoo-ing fanboy. Tonight I went to S.E. Belmont’s Theater! Theatre! and treated myself to Portland’s radio queen Daria (now of 105.1 The Buzz and UPN 49, once of 94.7 NRK and The WB 32) performing in the one-woman show “Bad Dates.” (I keep thinking of those words the way Sallah said ‘em in Raiders of the Lost Ark…) I was able to talk with her after the show. Photo too! Yes! Yay!

We’ve communicated, via e-mail, for several months, but this was the first time we’ve met in person, and man, she’s a peach in person: sweet and whip-smart. And the energy and the body language of her show are impressive: Daria’s a true performer; it’s like her body changes in the hour and 20 minutes of show, but it’s just the changes of how we carry ourselves that all of us do based on mood. It’s just condensed when it’s theatrical like this. She’s someone who truly benefits from being in motion: she glows with energy when she does so. Good show, great time, and a happy visit.
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