Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Michael Bay will never direct the movie of my life.

Huh. I actually was just about write about nuts.

Which I didn't eat for a long time. Just didn't think to, let alone want to. My "gateway nut," you could say, was the pistachio, because when I was dating Alicia and visiting her at her mom Hope's place, Hope would have a bowl of 'em. It was a treat. A treat I could recreate later with other nuts. Cheaper nuts, too, because pistachios aren't cheap!

But you didn't subscribe (HA) to this blog to read about nuts. You're out eating your own nuts, or avoidng nuts because of allergies, allergies I'm glad I don't have. You want drama! You want big stories! Or do you? As I once joked to docbrite (I hope he's doing OK), both our blogs could be subtitled "It's the interesting kind of boring!" It's a goal, to be interesting about the mundane, or the typical. Really, the most exciting stuff I experience lately happens in dreams. That's what inspired this, f'r'ex. Speaking of dreams, a couple of night ago I dreamed of watching some sort of plane that doesn't exist, that was somehow folding out bits of itself like it was a flying Swiss Army knife. It was like watching a Transformer in reality and in action. It was a little disturbing, because the dream-plane was moving, momentarily, slowly. Too slowly, so it would fall out of the sky? No, it somehow obeyed physics. Or at least dream-physics.

That entry a few days ago notwithstanding, I don't want things to fall out of the sky. Except shooting stars, because they're pretty and evocative. Or maybe nuts, because they're tasty. *opens his mouth, awaiting falling nuts*

...huh. Guess I did just write about nuts.

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