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Again, AGAIN, it's good Portland's a good walking town (tale of a brain-fart)

At least I was up for walking...

That was my midday/afternoon, walking up to the Laurelhurst Theater so I could see Monty Python and the Holy Grail with lots of people, with food both before and after at Beulahland. So I'd finished my second visit to Beulahland today, and wanted to walk more, so northbound I went (stopping at the Hollywood Fred Meyer for some minutes of warmth and wifi) with the idea that I'd then hop a southbound #70 bus back to my neighborhood. I got to a stop on N.E. 33rd Ave. And waited. And waited. And waited. And eventually noticed that there had been no northbound #70 during all that waiting.

Oh. #70 doesn't run north of Lloyd Center in the evenings. And I was well north (and east) of Lloyd Center.

CHANGE OF PLANS. More walking, this time down to N.E. Sandy Blvd., where the #12 is running, and ride it to N.E. 12th and Couch, where the part of #70 that's still running would, well, still be running. I figure, it was a chance to walk in other areas where, possibly, I could find discarded coins I could pick up. I'm good at that! I must already be practicing to be an old man...
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