Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Dream-Mind Misfires

No, Dream-Mind, not everything is THAT important. But my Dream-Mind thinking so led, last night, first of all, to me briefly waking up with the feeling that the most important thing to know was whether my cousin Jeff in New York City has a Fred Meyer rewards card. I can think more clearly NOW and think well, maybe, he did grow up in Oregon after all, but there are no Fred Meyers or Krogers in NYC so it wouldn't be so key.

That was the first prank Dream-Me played on me. Dream-Me was in rare form. Plus I woke up a few times, waking up from another one of those dreams convinced, absolutely certain, that I'd heard some old guy in my apartment suddenly snore. I live alone. But try telling my just-awake self that.

I also dreamed, twice, of working in the apartments of families I wasn't related to and didn't know, and both of those families (kids, too) being absolutely comfortable with me being there and with me wondering if that trust and comfort was misplaced. But both times in both places I was doing something important, even if one of those important things was, um, getting deposed over the phone in a case where it turned out my testimony helped my good friend Ronald D. Moore.

I do not know Ronald D. Moore. Moore's a former Star Trek writer who then wrote and produced the great, sometimes maddening 2000s version of Battlestar Galactica. That guy. That guy also ran into me (well, Dream-Me) and gave me a hell of a hug to thank me for my testimony.

The dream also featured me cleaning up unexpected messes, dodging unexpected light rail trains traveling through those apartment complexes where I'd been (somehow) working, hanging out near a pretty beach, and something else that made me wake up convinced, absolutely certain, that it was later in the morning this morning than it actually was. I dreamed looking at my bedside clock radio (the same clock radio I've had since junior high in the late '80s; I'm familiar with it) and seeing a time that was later than the actual time. Then I woke up again and saw, no, THAT'S the right time.

I'm getting tired just reciting all this.

My testimony led to me getting a nice thank-you check from Moore (the dream version of him), which I know is, um, slightly, no very, illegal. I AM NOT IMPLYING THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. But having that money would be nice.

I woke up for real just in time to be able to turn on my stereo and start listening to a fun Sunday morning show, Greasy Kid Stuff, rock and rock-influenced songs that's kid-friendly without being cloying. Something for parents and kids-at-heart to enjoy, too. I'm glad all those dreams didn't distract me from tuning in. Or make me sleep past when the show is on.
Tags: bsg, dreams

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