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In a warm place...


The next wave of snow has reached Portland. I know nurses who are reporting to work. Friends can't open their food cart due to the snow. For a lot of us, it's a bad idea to go out; some still absolutely have to. I know I'm lucky that I don't have to. I'm home, with warmth and food.

I got to work and to home yesterday in the snow, with no problems; on the way home, I took my time. Sometimes paused, stopped, and looked around, taking in the view of snow smoothing out this portion of the world. Appreciating the quiet, appreciating the light, being glad I was in my biggest, thickest coat and in my scraf and a wool cap, and just...soaking it in. Portland doesn't get snow all that often. I want and need to appreciate it...and respect it.

I'm definitely glad I'm walking distance from work. I worked some overtime last night, in fact, after an understaffed and near-constantly busy day. And I'm glad today can be a break. Open the blinds (NOT the windows) watch the still-gentle swirls, and hope it doesn't get too hairy out there.

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