Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Early afternoon report while I digest a mocha at Grendel's

Sights (so far) today, as I've walked in Portland's rain to get a Big-Ass Sandwich:

- Rain drops.

- The frame of the canopy that used to be next to Big-Ass Sandwiches, twisted out of shape after the snow last week got too heavy on it. "Someone needs to make that into modernist sculpture," I told Quentin after he'd handed me my sandwich. "Someone's supposed to be coming to pick it up," Quentin said.

- Rain drops.

- The former Tazo Tea office across SE 2nd from Big-Ass, now home to a New Seasons Markets kitchen. I worked a few times at temp jobs in that building when it was Tazo's warehouse (until Starbucks bought the company and relocated that operation to Seattle), and I was hoping someone else would make use of the space.

- Rain drops. AT LEAST IT'S NOT SNOW.

- Bicyclists at Burnside Skatepark (, doing bike stunts. I watched while eating most of my sandwich. I miss bicycling.

- Me having thoughts, like "Does anyone ever order one of Big-Ass Sandwiches's veggie sandwiches with bacon? Maybe I should." (I didn't. When I was choosing a sandwich, I actually thought "no, I don't need bacon right now.")

- Fencing enthusiasts and gymnastics students, at events in the Oregon Convention Center; I went there to get drier and use wifi. Cheering and screaming came from (I presume different) exhibit halls.

Later sights today should include a band. A group where a woman I know is a singer will be playing at a bar within walking distance of my apartment. I have my three dollars' cover in my pocket already...
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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