Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sad for someone

No big revelation: the Internet can be an incredibly quick sadness delivery system.

Someone I like just lost someone they love. Someone they love in a life-defining, life-changing way. And that kind of Just, how? How does it not short-circuit one's life? The ground under your feet disappears, disintegrates, and you have to somehow keep walking. Keep functioning. While still remembering why you love -- not loved, love -- someone so deeply and fervently.

People who've never met the people in question have cried at hearing this news. I know. It's a loss that a lot of us feel. But that we can't truly, fully comprehend. That we can never completely understand.

You just have to hope that "the peace that passes understanding" is an actual peace. And that such peace can be found in life as well.

And wish that the Internet could be a better hug delivery system.

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