Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Listen. Do you want to know a secret? I can promise you will nosh...

How To Share the Wealth:

  • Make sure it's OK to share it.

  • Let someone know you'll share it.

  • Share it.

  • Know you've helped someone have a good experience later.

    I'm amused that I got to tell someone about the Big-Ass Sandwiches secret menu. You've heard of secret menus. In-N-Out Burger's secret menu ain't so secret, but apparently Taco Bell's is, though you shouldn't be surprised if many places have it: chefs take chances to be creative and to improvise, even on their crushing food-prep schedules, and cool stuff can happen*. And Big-Ass has evolved its own.

    And protects it. Lisa Wood will occasionally, and briefly, post the menu to Facebook (and in individual messages on Twitter as well) so people can copy and save it. I did. Some of the sandwiches are former weekly specials they found ways to bring back; one or two have been "test balloons" that turned into regular menu items. And no, I'm not identifying them here.

    Today I saw a Twitter exchange where someone I know mentioned the BAS secret menu and someone else I know who's about to visit Portland replied with (paraphrased) "What?!" And the "What?!" person would, I know, really like at least some of the secret menu items, and since I can send Lisa messages, I asked her if I could share. She said yes, I sent a message** asking for that person's email, who sent it, and (voilà!) that person has knowledge they didn't have before. Knowledge their stomach will enjoy in a week.

    Always trying to spread the good. And today, where I didn't get very much done, at least I did that.

    * The base Big-Ass Sandwiches recipe came from Brian, when he was a chef in commercial kitchens, doing what many chefs do and making sandwiches piled with almost anything, especially fries, to wolf down in his brief kitchen downtime. It didn't spring fully formed, at Big-Ass or in Pittsburgh restaurants; it just happened.***

    ** I almost wrote "messaged," but couldn't bring myself to finish typing it.

    *** Why have I been so footnote-happy lately? I DON'T KNOW...
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