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I live near where the new TriMet MAX Orange Line is being built between downtown Portland and Milwaukie. S.E. 17th Ave. is on the route, and is slowly being expanded to fit the rail lines. Back in October 2012, with work just started, I went to 17th and Mall to take pictures of what was still there. Earlier this month, I went to the same intersection and tried to get pictures from as close to where I'd first shot pics as possible. Sometimes I couldn't, but I'd get as close as I could without hurting myself or trespassing. I wanted to show what wasn't going to be there anymore, like this:

007 - old rails - tilt
I've long wondered about this. We're a few blocks from the Brooklyn Rail Yard; Milwaukie Ave. had a streetcar line several decades ago; these rails don't seem to connect to either of those (and there's no way it linked to the riverside rail line on the other side of the hill), so why were they there? And that's "were"; those tracks are gone. My best guess (just a guess) is that maybe before TriMet built its garage/yard on the east side of 17th, a spur of the rail yard extended into this part of the neighborhood. I've seen a map of the streetcar lines Portland used to have, and there's nothing east-west on Mall, so it probably wasn't connected to the streetcars. Maybe it was older. Again, was.

002 - Back of building - 17th and Trimet in bkgd
This is the back of a building that used to house TriMet offices, a convenience store, and a barber shop I never went into. I'd wondered before if maybe the building would be partly saved, but by October 2012 (not pictured) the whole building was going to go. You don't shave off parts of a building without A LOT OF SUPPORT.

001 - window detail
Some flair for the barber shop. Another copy of this image was on a sign at the street corner, though that one was defaced.

005 - detail down Main Street
Looking west down Mall to the parts of the neighborhood that are still standing. That morning, the #19 bus had to be re-routed around an accident near Milwaukie and Holgate.

006 - view down Mall Street
A wider view.

008 - Rails
The rails again.

010 - view up 17th
Looking north, with the main TriMet offices a couple of blocks up.

And here's the February view:

During MAx work 1
Approaching the work zone.

During MAx work 2
New road, with the Max tracks in the middle. That road goes through where the building used to be. As usual, I see where buildings used to be and wonder "how did the building fit into that space?"

During MAx work 3
Northward view again.

During MAx work 4
I'm guessing these tracks partly go through where the building used to be, too. THIS IS WHY TIME TRAVEL IS DANGEROUS; how did the lay of the land change? How is it going to change? DON'T TIME-TRAVEL INTO A CAR OR A WALL.

During MAx work 5
New road, waiting (eventually) for cars.

During MAx work 6
Once again, a westward look down Mall.

During MAx work 7
Two years from now, this will be a really dangerous place to stand due to those Max trains that'll be running through, but at the moment it's one of the safest places. Go fig.

During MAx work 8
Old road in the front; new rails and new road in the farther-from-the-front.

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