Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Post-Fat Tuesday, and...

...this is a good time to think about New Orleans.

New Orleans is high on my "GET THERE, dammit" list. I want to soak in the place*. Last night thinking about the city, I started comparing it to Las Vegas (the Nevada one, not the New Mexico one (ONLY I WOULD POINT OUT THE OTHER ONE)) and it hit me: if it somehow came to a choice of "you can go EITHER to New Orleans or Las Vegas," I'd choose New Orleans. I wondered if New Orleans is what I wish Las Vegas would be, but then realized the thought was too vague to really be answered well. Likely I'll visit both. Compare and contrast. Meet (and at least shake hands with and, I hope, hug) docbrite and aoniedesade, who lives one state over and could visit. Eat well. Possibly get warm-rained on. (I'd like to experience warm rain again.) And, then, actually write well about New Orleans, because this write-up sucks.

* I know I could soak by going there in August. See if my former Virginia-livin' self could still handle the humidity.

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