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Hans Gruber would be unimpressed, but never mind him, he's dead

Just over 600 pennies. THAT'S how much fits in it. This is a measurement that's not going to be useful to any of you, but it WILL be useful to me. It was the penny jar that I just emptied into a coin sorter machine. Just over 600 pennies in that 5" tall, 3.5" diameter jar*, so just over $6.00, which means math works, and that plus other change meant that I cashed in $26.81 of change. It would've been just over $30, but I opted for the cash option which involves a fee; I was fine with that this time. Getting a gift card or giving the money to charity would involve the full amount, but I didn't want another gift card at the moment and THIS MONEY IS MINE.

Last time I did this, I got about $17, so this time I went bigger!

And I haven't stopped change-saving. I used a bit of the $26.81 to buy groceries, and the change from that is either in the penny jar (one penny; 599 to go), the cleaned-out butter-like container for dimes and nickels, and the quarters await laundry days of the future.

* No idea how many bells'd fit. (...I'm getting something wrong here, aren't I.)

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