Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Random Video Shoot...GO!

What helps raise the mood after an aggressively difficult day of aggressively difficult customers*? Stumbling upon a video shoot.

I'd walked over to S.E. Lafayette to the pedestrian bridge over the Brooklyn Rail Yard when I heard clanging. From near the foot of the stairs, eastern end, I saw to the bridge's west end. People had sticks. Scratch that: swords. I had to assume they were stunt swords, not real swords. I waited to, first, be sure it wasn't a real fight, because I'm not walking into the middle of a freakin' sword fight**, then second, to see if I'd get in the way when walking to that end. It's public right-of-way, it has to stay open unless there are permits, plus filming of anything happens in fits and starts so there'd be time for me to walk through the location.

So, yeah. I watched people pretend to sword-fight next to a car. One was a woman in a poofy shirt; one was a guy in what looked...I want to say more like a khaki uniform, but a uniform you'd imagine a sword fight would wear, but I didn't look too closely. Didn't want to be a looky-loo. Didn't want to stare. (I didn't whip out my iPad for pictures, either.) Video camera there, portable lights beind held by behind-the-scenes people there, a boom mike, even a director's chair. And I got to the foot of the bridge at its western end and waited until behind-the-scenes people noticed me. We said "Hi." I walked again. They moved on, a director or at least a director-like guy telling an actor to go when HE SAID TO GO, not before.

Even with Leverage shooting here until last year and Grimm and Portlandia still shooting here, it's pretty rare that I run into shoots. But I'm amused when I do.

* I'll admit it: when you complain that we took too long to answer your call, my first instinct is to hang up on you. BE GLAD I DIDN'T.

** Hey, it's Portland. There be Wesen here.

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