Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

On/Off, plus some "Frozen" thoughts

Rare case yesterday of me driving twice in one day. Saturday's first drive -- to Beulahland for coffee and soccer (Arsenal vs. Manchester City), a library for a book, and Fred Meyer for groceries (double rewards points!) -- happened later than I'd hoped partly because I'm generally slow to get going on a weekend but also because the night before, I'd been tired until I turned off the light. Everyone knows that hell. (I got out of bed and balanced my checkbook. I even briefly considered doing dishes, then thought There are limits to how productive I should be at 1 a.m.) So, it felt like not enough sleep. I know, I know, I'm not as sleep-deprived as new parents...

Still, for a good chunk of yesterday, I felt off. Spun up. A little nervous. Had to tell myself a couple of times to calm down, both on foot (except when running through the sometimes-heavy rain to get to somewhere covered) and behind the wheel. I took breaks -- taking my time at Beulahland, then reading at Freddy's before I went shopping at Freddy's. Once home from all that, I decided I was up for another trip the exact neighborhood at Beulahland again, because the Laurelhurst Theater was showing Frozen.

I'm glad I went out again. I grinned and laughed a lot in the film. Even had other emotions about it -- not quite to crying about stuff (and if you'd seen me at, say, Gravity, The Truman Show, or Beauty and the Beast, you'd know I'm not afraid to cry in a film), but I think I can see why it connects so strongly for a lot of people. Now I'm surprised I've managed to go these multiple months without having heard ANY of these fantastic, full-throated songs, though it helped that I didn't watch the Oscars. I won't be reviewing Frozen; don't feel like I have much to add. I do like that there's not really a human villain in the film, but more a "get drama from the situation," um, situation, where it does seem like most of the characters are trying to do the best thing.

Though -- slight spoiler, I guess (highlight to find out!) -- I did kind of wish Hans had been more apologetic. He still could've been calculating, but feeling SOME shame about what he'd done to Anna. Heh. Anyway, I'm glad I made the second trip out to see that.

I indulged afterwards with a second Beulahland visit, this time with the Portland Timbers-Frisco, I mean Dallas FC* game on the TV, then got home. Where I still had moments of feeling too spun up, but could start to unwind and prepare for a MUCH BETTER night's sleep. Phew.

* Frisco is 27 miles from downtown Dallas. That's almost like if a Washington, D.C. major league team played in Manassas.

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