Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Much exercise today. I wandered across both downtown and NE this afternoon, using my feet and my TriMet access (both bus and Max) and reached not only the Central Library, but the county library’s Title Wave Used Bookstore on NE Knott. If you’ve seen the movie Men of Honor, with Cuba Goodling Jr. as a Navy diver (and if you weren’t too distracted by thoughts of Charlize Theron while watching it), you’ve seen this place. There are deals there if you look long enough: I bought for 75 cents each (score!) a paperback of Dave Barry’s Big Trouble and China Mieville’s fantasy novel Perdido Street Station. Yes, I am officially the first person to purchase those two books at the same time!

More about last night’s show: “Bad Dates” was a play by Theresa Rebeck – I’ve seen episodes of NYPD Blue she scripted, plus she’s worked on Law & Order: Criminal Intent – and this is a generally lighter-than-those-two-particular-shows performance piece. We meet Hailey, a 30-ish single woman who got out of a bad marriage several years before, holding onto both her dignity and her daughter, and who’s now re-entering the New York City dating pool. And the dates don’t go well, with results both funny and, later, poignant. One guy can’t stop talking about Buddhism, colon cancer and bugs; another is a possibly closeted gay man who mainly hopes to get a free restaurant meal; yet another isn’t as available as she thought he was. But one of those men turns out to be, shall we say, a better man than date, as he helps Hailey out of a tight spot late in the story. (She also mentions getting the help of “a round cop,” which made me picture Dennis Franz as Andy Sipowicz.) The play is set in Hailey’s apartment, which is strewn with shoes…which are Daria’s, for the most part. “The really cute ones are mine,” she told some of us later.
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