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More! Of me! In places!

And then I slept the sleep of the dead (instead of staying out after my cemetery visit and seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which I considered going to last night but my timing was wrong), and then it Which wasn't epic, but I wasn't trying for it to be. My priorities were "Get out," "read," and "get to Big-Ass Sandwiches," and thanks to bus tickets I did that. Plus library time, watching last week's Cosmos on my iPad because I don't want to be behind.

As for reading: one book finished, TWO books started, because I'd brought a Star Trek Mirror Universe collection with me (need context for the Mirror Universe? I wrote a bit about it here) and I stumbled upon a book at the library I've been meaning to read, J.W. Rinzler's gigantahuge The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I'll be working on that for a bit. Why not be reading two books at a time again? I can do that. More than three at once, though, doesn't work well for me...

Getting outside again, I was able to stop on the way home and feed goats. I've visited and scritched the Belmont Goats before, but this time one of the caretakers walked to the south fence line with a bucket, and the goats trailing him because they know what the bucket holds, and he handed us visitors handfuls of grass that we then gave to the goats. A couple of minutes later I noticed stray strands of grass stuck in the fence, pulled those out, and fed those to the goats. I said to them "Leftovers are magic!"

I got out one more time tonight for theater. For the second Sunday in a row, I attended Sidekicks!, a partly-improvised show about superheroes and the sidekicks who are really assistants/underlings to them. It's a four-part production by Action/Adventure Theatre, and it's made me laugh multiple times both nights I've attended so far. Two episodes done, two more to go: and the first episode ended with the bold choice of, oh, supervillains blowing up about a third of the cast so that the sidekicks are the only superheroes left. This weekend's Episode Two was aftermath. Funny aftermath. I'm not going to judge the improvising, because I could only really judge it by seeing the same episode multiple nights (there are four performances of each episode), and I don't feel right now like being a critic, either. But you still know I've enjoyed it.

All right, Sun. I've liked what I've seen so far. Let's get together well this year...
Tags: peregrinations, portland, star wars

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