Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Warmer when moving: my weekend recap

Yesterday was warmer outside the building than in my apartment.

Yes, it's awkward seasonal adjustment time, when the building's heat won't necessarily get turned on but the weather might not yet immediately warrant that. For now, it's sweatshirt weather at my desk.

So yeah, this weekend I got out. Breakfast and coffee about eight blocks from here Saturday morning (when I posted this, which did indeed amuse people), some walking after that, getting back right when it started to drizzle. It was marginally warmer in my buidling by the afternoon, so I did stay in the rest of the day. My big goal: get to bed reasonably early Saturday night. Didn't quite manage that, but I did get sleep. And had dreams of being a Hobbit who was being stalked. Don't ask me where that came from.

Sunday was another day mostly out, this time driving because I was in the mood for more driving than usual. Out to NW Portland to be briefly over where I used to work in that print shop (I was wearing the jeans that are permanently ink-stained because of that), mainly because I wanted to get to St. Johns and get there via the St. Johns Bridge and that's one way to get to it. Online time at the St. Johns library -- no, this entry isn't going to get much more exciting, you can punt now if you want -- then late lunch at Javier's at N. Vancouver and Lombard because I was in the mood for tacos. And I like supporting 24-hour venues, even if I'm not there in the middle of the night. I still needed to go grocery-shopping, and because I still wanted to drive more I went farther to a Fred Meyer than usual: one of the eastern Vancouver Freddy's. I figure I'm both spreading my money around the company and doing research, seeing if there are noticeable differences from store to store. (Not usually: it's a pretty consistent company.)

Though now I kind of wish I'd done all that running around earlier Sunday, gotten home earlier, and opened the windows to let some ambient heat in. At least a little more. I'm cranky about the cold.

I ended the day out in the (still a little warmer than my place) outdoors, walking to Episode 3 of Sidekicks! by Action/Adventure Theatre. I've been enjoying the series, but last night was my favorite of the three episodes I've seen so far: still funny (really funny at times) but even more emotionally urgent. The troupe knows not to let the improvisations get in the way of the plot, which is what would happen if I tried improvising because I'm not trained to improvise. Or, to be fair, act. I've already bought my ticket for the fourth and final show, next Sunday.

Okay. This week needs to be productive. And warmer.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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