Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Portland friends: Anyone with a room I can rent?

I'm commiting -- finally -- to moving soon. I can't stay in my current apartment for much longer (I've told my landlord I'll be leaving soon, though I haven't given official 30 days' notice yet), and I want to be in a house again. The only way I can afford that right now is to rent a room in one.

I'd like to rent in a house in east Portland, ideally in SE Portland. And so far the sources I've tried have either been useless or worrying: I don't want to find roommates through Craigslist. I also don't want to split an apartment. So I'm hoping I can find a place through people I know.

I hope to find rent around $400 a month plus utilities, but I can go a little higher than that. I have my own furnishings; I'll also be getting rid of some big things like my current desk. I've no pets but I tend to get along with other people's pets, I don't smoke, and I don't take up too much space (12 years in a studio helps with that).

If you want to email me about leads, use d00d DOT srsly AT gmail DOT com .

Thank you in advance.

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