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I made use of Dundee this weekend! Not the Scottish one.

One factor that shaped my weekend: How quickly can I read a book?

That's a big reason I got home this afternoon instead of, say, Saturday morning, after I'd delivered unneeded (for now) stuff of mine to Mom and Dad's home. I drove to work Friday, car trunk full of books and photo albums, then after work headed southwest to Dundee. Mom and Dad are on a trip at the moment, so the house and all the books in it were mine from Friday night on. Including Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone series, which I've been working through (recently) at the rate of about two a year, because I don't want to run out. (Among what I was dropping off at the house was 'C' is for Corpse, which disappeared from their collection sometime after I'd read and returned it. The old holes in the collection are filled!)

I pulled the newest-to-me book, 'Q' is for Quarry, Friday night. (Heck, I did so before unloading the big stuff from my car -- I waited until Saturday for that -- because I have priorities. Plus I didn't want heavy lifting that night.) But I don't know when I'd next visit Dundee, and since I might not visit until after I find a new place to live and move to it, I didn't want to bring a book of theirs back to my place. But it's a quick read, and I got the 340-some pages done by Sunday midday. I didn't match the pace I'd managed with my first reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which I also read in a weekend but that's 759 pages.

Other stuff done:

  • I watched the last two or so minutes of the Portland Trail Blazers winning Round 1 against the Houston Rockets...and win only in the last 0.9 seconds. Here's where I'm glad there's space between Mom and Dad's house and their neighbors, because I was YELLING. I got hoarse, as did many many many sports fans in Portland.

  • More sports! Saturday night I found Mom and Dad's digital TV includes Root Sports, which was showing the Portland Timbers that night, and I got to watch the Timbers finally, finally, FINALLY* win one this season! And win it almost as last-minute-like as the Blazers did the night before! I yelled again, but more carefully.

  • (Note to self: it can be really really easy to get sucked into TV. Much the way it can be easy to get sucked into online stuff. Heh.)

  • I treated the trip kind of like a camping trip: pack out, because I didn't want to leave anything rotting for Mom and Dad to find. Oh, reminds me -- *goes back to car to get bag of trash*


    OK, where was I...

  • I mostly avoided heavy rain. We got cells of stabbing wet all weekend, and always when I was inside; I never got more than sprinkled on. But every one in a while I looked up to seeing, well, not quite an ocean outside the window, but PLENTY OF WATER. My avoidance continued on my way home: I stopped at the Tualatin Fred Meyer, sat down for a bit for some wifi, and again looked over through the seating area's windows to torrential downpours. I waited inside for a little longer, then shopped, then managed to go out into just a little sprinkling.

    This is all because I didn't bring a coat to Dundee this time, huh?

    Anyway, I'm back (as of 5-ish); more of my stuff's out of my apartment, in prep for (eventually) (soon) moving all of my stuff out of my apartment, including me, because I'm looking for a new place to live. And I had a relaxing time mostly to myself this weekend. And quiet, except for the sports yelling.

    * Worst The Rock impression ever!
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