Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


I did still have signs of a job, from a few jobs ago. Now I have fewer.

I was at the dentist this morning (see? I didn't tell you I was going! I want to encourage my stalkers to step up their game) and in the paperwork I reviewed before my cleaning, it had my work phone number from the construction company job. I think it was a good sign that it took me several seconds to remember that yep, it was that desk's phone number for me. I crossed it out, mentioned to the receiptionsut that I didn't have a work phone number on me to replace it with, and chuckled.

Another vestige? Probably my only souvenir from that job, the job I got fired from because I "didn't fit in" after being there for two years. *side-eyes in the general direction of downtown* It was an office where I didn't get a nameplate to put on my desk until -- this amuses me -- less than two months before I got fired.

I'd kept that nameplate. You didn't bother with this until nearly two years into my being there doing lots of work for you, so maybe if I keep this I can get some value out of it? may have been what motivated me to keep it. Or maybe keeping it just amused me. But now it's in the trash. Don't really need it.

To (maybe mis-)quote Peter David, "the preceding story was pointless but interesting. Kind of like life, I suppose."

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