Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A non-moving experience

OK, a vow I vow: if I'm ever advertising that I have a room to rent to someone, I vow to get back in touch with each person who replies.

I'll be moving. Likely sooner rather than later, and I hope sooner rather than later. But so far, from all of the emails I've sent and phone calls I've made inquiring about ads, I've gotten to see the rooms to rent in one house. One. I got a reply about a room in one other house, but I decided the rent was too high and the house was too far away from the areas I wanted to move to, so I declined with thanks. I'm thinking I should've at least looked.

But I've heard so rarely from people who've placed these ads that I've wondered more than once if the ads I was responding to are fake. I know, they're not -- PROBABLY. The landlord in the one house I've gotten to look at so far said she'd heard from multiple people that they were having the same problem. I talked to an East Coast friend who'd moved recently, and she said this has happened all over the place, not just in Portland.

Moving is the current Big Thing I need to get done. I have other adjustments I need to make to my life that I feel I shouldn't do until I've gotten this Big Thing out of the way. And to get so little makes me feel I'm doing this wrong. Which makes me more tentative in how I reply: Does this email sound desperate? Am I in fact desperate? Of course, I can only control how I react, but even if I do everything objectively right and still hear from almost no one, I might as well be doing this badly, right?

Or even inadvertantly badly -- maybe. I'd gotten a lead about one room via a Facebook friend. I sent an email to the Craigslist listing. Later, I looked at the ad again and accidentally flagged it as inappropriate. I got worried, and checked Craigslist's support F.A.Q. to see how to take that back and found that Craigslist's answer was almost literally "Eh, don't worry about it." Soon after I checked the ad again and saw the message "Removed by owner." That probably wasn't related to my error -- I think -- but, again, I wondered. But the net result's the same: I reply, I never hear back.

Yeah, I'll keep trying. I do have a call I can make later about another lead, about a room in a house that could work. Could. But so could have the places I was inquiring about, y'know, a while ago, but never even getting a "no" is frustrating and dispiriting.

I want the chance to prove I'd be a good tenant. SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME THAT CHANCE.

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