Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me Done Gud

Yes, I've been up to stuff. Like on Tuesday night when I was the first to donate to the "Accidental Housewives" food drive.

Donation at Guardian Games 5-13-14

I's gots velociraptor hands!

"The Accidental Housewives" is one of the podcasts I listen to, a local show by several people I'm acquainted with (slogan: "Is there life after unemployment?" Nice that the answer is "Yes"). Through next Monday, the show has Oregon Food Bank donation barrels at Guardian Games, an awesome game shop in SE Portland. I'd meant to get to the store Tuesday morning, but I'd gotten started too late that morning to manage that. So take advantage of late sunsets! (Yes that's dusk outside.)

So. Food that I may not have been able to use for a while will be used sooner by people who need it more.

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