Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me Dun Moar Gud!

If I said some of what I did this weekend, I'd be bragging. "Look at this good thing I did! Look at THIS good thing I was willing to do!"

(I specify "willing to do" because I had the chance to help friends jump on a unique chance to be entertained; had they been able to take that chance, I would've paid for it for them. They weren't able to go, due to a scheduled visit with friends of theirs; but had they been available, we could've made it work.)

OK, what's the non-braggy stuff to talk about?:

  • Did some room-hunting. Thank goodness I've finally been hearing back from landlords. (I won't say more about this hunt until later -- maybe not until this hunt is done...)

  • Avoided tainted water, which was a thing in Portland this weekend. It was very easy to become a hypochondriac the last few days...

  • Visited a friend who was briefly in the hospital. (Not THE hospital. There's more than one.)

  • Supported food carts. Annoyingly, one of Portland's best known pods, Cartopia at SE 12th and Hawthorne, is now slated for apartment development come fall. I'll be honest, I and a lot of us in Portland are bummed. A lot of us also want to be sure to make it, if this will be the last summer Cartopia has, the best summer Cartopia has had. (Does that grammar work?) And in Saturday's comfortable cloud-dappled warmth, I sat in the lot, slight remnants of damp moments earlier in the weekend around, and devoured a pizza from Pyro Pizza and a horchata from El Brasero. I overheard people in the good crowd that came to Cartopia that afternoon, a comfortable mass of humanity eating comfortable food. I also spoke briefly with the men inside Pyro, asking what had happened to the second Pyro Pizza that for a time had been next to Big-Ass Sandwiches in SE Portland's Produce Row; I was glad to learn from them that they tow it out sometimes to catering events. "Course, this one'll be moving soon, too," one of the men said.

  • Kept supporting food carts Sunday, as I went up to the Mississippi neighborhood and indulged in the most recent special at Big-Ass Sandwiches, as I like to do when I can. (This special: the Private Pyle, with turkey, bacon, grilled jalapeños, cream cheese (!) and hot sauce. Its slogan: "This is my sandwich. There are many like it, but this one has fries." I love the poster for it that my friend Ryan Pollard made.)

  • Saw my cousin Steph and her daughter Eloisa at the N. Interstate Fred Meyer, where they'd finished shopping and I was about to shop. Eloisa spotted me in the sitting area, online with my iPad. Hugs and visiting for the win!

  • Read, also, but you know me, so you can take that as read. Plus walked, because it would probably make leg amputation to make me stop walking.
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