Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

T-Minus 2...well, 1-and-a-half-ish days

My childhood was partly defined by moving. My family moved, on average, every year and a half. That's nowhere near as often as military families can move, but it's...disruptive. I'd moved seven times by the end of high school, then college caused its own moving, then I had the three years in Hermiston, half a year back with the folks, then a year-and-a-half in the basement of a Portland house near S.E. 50th and Hawthorne, and then...

...moving into here, where I've stayed for 12 YEARS. August 2014 would've been that anniversary. I probably was never going to make it to that. It probably would've been a bad idea to make it to that. But I've beat the longest I've lived in any one place by five years*.

Most likely, I've been here too long. Took me a while to realize that. My default speed: slow. Slow thinking, slow doing. As I remind myself constantly. *grins wryly* two days, I'll be regularly sleeping in a different place. This...seems bigger than it is.

Here's to getting comfortable sleeping there, and staying there, as soon as possible.

* We moved into our Oakton, Virginia house on Bree Hill Road -- yes, name inspired by Tolkien -- in spring 1987. I was last in that house December 1993; Mom and Dad moved out of it in 1994, staying in an apartment until Dad retired from the Navy and I could help them move from Virginia back to Oregon. Just about seven years, the last two of which I was at college.

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