Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A day of not much

Very little done today. I walked. That's mainly it. It was a short walk that I soon made longer; it helps that the weather was increasingly inviting as the walk went on. I walked through much of Mt. Scott Park a few blocks away from the house, started to head north, then thought "why not?" and turned back south then east, to Lents, the next neighborhood over. This is Portland, where you can put the word "only" before the words "twenty blocks." I consider this "area fam," learning what's near and accessible. I saw the lot where, soon, the Belmont Goats will move to a new shelter from their current home in close-in Southeast. I saw a Green Line Max station. I ate at a café, and read a short history of when Lents was its own town. And I did it unconnected -- no iPad with me -- and, I regret to say, no book. I could've read while walking. It's a skill.

So. Today was quiet. Back tomorrow to work, which won't. But it will be productive...more than today.

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