Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

My Trivia-Fu is not yet strong

Geek Trivia. It still exists, here in Portland (along with other trivia nights, at least one run by a friend of mine), and Tuesday night I went again. First time since maybe March 2013. The event still takes over the entire McMenamins Kennedy School theater (the school's converted auditorium), a comfy-chairs-and-couches collection filled up by competitive (and loud) geeks furiously huddling to discuss possible answers and furiously scribbling down what they hope are the right answers. Still hosted by good guys Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts, on one of the nights neither of them is either on the radio or on a podcast.

It was my first time in a while; it was the first time ever for the married couple who invited me to join their team. We called ourselves "Stranger Danger" (my suggestion was "Strangers in the Night, Exchanging Answers"), and while we tanked on Round 1 -- it didn't help that the last question was "name the last names of these six characters from 'Saved By The Bell,' a show I saw an entire episode of ONLY ONCE -- but did decently, just not award-winningly, on Round 2. But! Fun, it was. As it was back when I was a frequent contestant, and also when I was even briefly (and barely) contributing questions to it.

(For a period I opted out of playing and wrote a bunch of questions for Cort and Bobby to use, but they used only a few; honestly the subjects of my questions weren't that different from what they were coming up with, and they were writing theirs better. I'd still go to some of those games where my questions were possibly going to be used,just to watch. And laugh.)

The brutal humor of many of the contestants was in full force that night: several teams had names inspired by Uruguay's Luis Suarez, who just got banned for months from soccer because that day he BIT Italy's Giorgio Chiellini in their World Cup game. we also were unforgiving in what's called Mob Rule: the idea is, if a player contests an answer or asks that an almost-correct answer should count as correct, Bobby stands on a box (provided by the good people at PDX Yar) and has people yell either "Yay!" or "Nay!" to it. We voted down almost every exception request. I did so as loudly as possible. Hey. I rarely get to yell, I can take advantage of a chance to do so.

Turns out getting to and from Geek Trivia will be comparatively easy from my new place, too, so that's more incentive to going back. And maybe winning again!
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