Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"It's the little things" applies to this blog

More transition-eering. My latest adjustment post-move: I finally took care of all of the steps needed to get my phone number, the phone number I feel weirdly protective of after having had it for 14 M-F-ING YEARS (Rawk!), switched from the land line it had been on to a cell phone. A hand-me-down cell phone, because my folks are more tech-savvy than me. (I'm writing this on a hand-me-down iPad. You haven't heard that term much yet.)

Seemed to take more steps to do the transition than it really did. I was halting and uncertain, plus not the best customer when I was getting customer service. I feel I should apologize to my new service company. *wry grin* I'm not very used to cell phones. I've only barely used them. I had reached age 40 with always having a land line and now...I don't. This is an adjustment for me! Seriously.

And no, I'm not texting yet. Yes, I'm a Twitter user who doesn't text. Deal.

So. Now I learn the care and feeding of a cell phone. Will...will it love me? (Based on the relationships some of y'all have with yours, MAYBE.)

And so if you know my old phone number, know that it works again. If you don't know it yet, I'm not yet giving it out much!

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