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Realized and shared; otherwise, what is blogging for?:

* I can do the job I'm currently doing. Now I just need to do it faster.

E-mail customer service is a decent fit for me. Easier to explain potentially complicated instructions, because you can get it all written down, instead of telling it to someone who may not necessarily be listening. With the words written, there's less chance of being misinterpreted. I hope.

And now I need to learn how to figure out these cases and their solutions, and solve and then explain the solutions as quickly as possible.

* Nice to be able to read a book in a day...heck, in a morning. I did that yesterday, with, admittedly, a short book: Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf, which is intentionally short and which flirts with being fairy tale-like. Fairy tales can have werewolves! And I was especially happy to have a quick book after needing months to work my way through the book I'd finished the day before, Virgil's The Aeneid.

* Sometimes talking is the best medicine. Last Tuesday Mom took me to late breakfast, and we talked needed things while eating panini. Separate panini, we both had enough appetite for our own without having to split. It was also a chance to show Mom a bit more of my new neighborhood, which is already growing on me pretty well.

* I have TWO libraries! In walking distance! Trust me, that's an improvement. And I'm the sort for whom that IS an improvement. It was possible to walk from my previous place to the Sellwood library, but it was a biiiiiiit of a haul.

* I may not have fully unpacked my Blogging Brain. Working on that. Hi...

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