Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Little me-truths

When I add to a note or an online message this -- "*salutes*" -- I then really do salute. Probably not properly, but (I hope) earnestly.

Also true: sometimes I'll write and share some obnoxious thought, then add to it this: "*slaps himself so you don't have to*" And when I write that, I do it. Keeps me honest. (Also also true: I don't like getting slapped. Not my kink.) So far the only slapping I've experienced in my life is self-inflicted. (Occasionally, back when I was dating Alicia, she'd pretend to slap me -- "air-slap" me! -- but that was the closest I got to that.)

Remember: I try to say things and mean them. Which is why -- semi-related thought, as blogging allows -- treating me like a liar is a bad, bad, bad idea. (So's lying to me, but that's another subject for another time.)

Saying what I mean and meaning what I say. Always a needed skill.

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