Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Insecurity: usually dumb

Twice yesterday I could have said "hi" to people that I am at least acquainted with, and I didn't. Once walking along S.E. Foster on my way to a bus, then later at the Bagdad's Backstage Cafe while I ate, drank a beer, and waited to go into the theater for Guardians of the Galaxy (short review: FUN). Could've said "hi," but was feeling a little insecure and maybe a little antisocial, so I didn't. Didn't want to interrupt. Didn't want to impose. Didn't want to wear out my welcome. Didn't want to worry that maybe they'd simply be tolerating my presence instead of enjoying it.

And that is stupid. And acknowledging my hang-ups is a way to keep me honest...and to remind myself "you don't need to be hung up on that." SAYING "HI" TO PEOPLE IS GOOD. It can lead to knowing them better and stuff!

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