Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Don't worry, I already know this is a first-world problem

Oy, are ads on TV network apps repetitive.

Almost all of my TV viewing this past year, with no cable at my previous place and me opting not to get (i.e. pay for) satellite TV at the new place, has been through apps on my iPad. So far that's mainly been Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the occasional Survivor and Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and lately the melodramatic (but in a way I'm coming to appreciate) superhero show Arrow. (I watched one episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but before I got into the habit of watching it, ABC opted for that plan where you have to prove you're a cable subscriber to be able to watch their shows online. Guess I won't be trying Scandal, either.)

And each show's advertisers: few, and insistent. An ad for most of them in every ad break, and often the same ad. That can mean five times in one hour (well, 42 minutes of actual show time). At least Target, advertising on Arrow (oh, and I do see what you did there, Target) has multiple ads, though they're from the same campaign. With Cosmos, which I watched through the Fox TV app, the ads I wished weren't so repetitive were the ads for The Following and a surprisingly dumb clip from The Simpsons.

I know, ads are a necessary evil. Ads can be genuinely clever, which is a bonus when that happens. My hunch is that these are hella-targeted ad buys: get an especially captive audience, perhaps watching this show on a device in their hands! (Apps and things like Hulu can get hooked up to TVs for larger-image viewing, so what I said is only partly true, but it's MY truth.) I started to think maybe advertisers are being cautious about their online ad buys, but that would likely be disproved if I watched more shows online. Still, it's an insistent distraction. I guess I need to continue being, often, pretty resistant to the insistent.

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