Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Jobless the Hutt

Well. I'm not working. My assignment really unexpectedly ended today, about two months after I'd officially switched from one job at that place to another job at that place. Another job that seemed like a good fit...

...except I didn't get fast enough.


So I left, without a badge and with a box of my stuff.

I've been fired for dumber reasons, so there's less "Are you kidding me?" than that other time. Also, I'm still a temp. It's not like my agency has abandoned me. That'd be a worse sign, right? "Shun! SHUNNNNNNNNNN!"

I'm trying to keep perspective, but I'll be honest...right now I feel needy. And cranky. Annoying combination.

(Truth: I turned down an offer tonight to have a beer. I try to drink when I'm in a good mood.)

Okay. What's next? Something that I hope doesn't suck.
Tags: work

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