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Unfinished business. No, other unfinished business.

I'm thinking like I still work at where I, um, used to work.

I was in the middle of a case Thursday when the person from my temp agency asked me if I could meet with her. Certainly someone else took over that case and finished it, but I think a part of me thinks no one did. I've awakened thinking about that case and others, as cases like them have defined my work life for a year and a half. Since Thursday, I've even had work-related dreams -- and one of them involved me being welcomed back, not only at this most recent job but also at the job I got fired from three years ago.

I'm thinking like I'm still employed at places that won't have me back.*

Wrong use of my work ethic.

Chris? Get over it. (Yes, I might need to give myself permission to forget about a job.)

Though that job I lost three years ago did offer me a chance to go back. True story.

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