Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

So, there was a weekend...

...because I deserve some time of rest.

Friday was almost all rest, at home, where I read, listened, and (I hope) processed. Kept connected to the world and the week it's been having through this here iPad. More Ferguson, Missouri news; more thoughts on why so many of us miss Robin Williams; more attempts to keep perspective after what was, for what seems like an extra-large number of us, a tough week.

I was social again Saturday: a friend reminded me that Portland's ninth annual Can't Stop The Serenity charity screening was that day. I had the time and the money for it: this year's event raised money for both Equality Now, which fights human rights abuses worldwide, and Raphael House, a local shelter that helps women and children get out of abusive situations. I donated -- the price of my ticket, a little money on top of that, and then raffle tickets...which won me stuff: a Buffy comic signed by its cover artist and DVDs of short films that have played in the local H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Appreciated the film Serenity again, too, and wondered (because I try to think outside the box) how the film would play backwards. Ytineres! Wash would live!

And I got hugs from friends. I go on about hugs the way Randy Newman goes on about money. I must think hugs are important.

Sunday (Sunday, Sunday...), I walked most of the length of the Hawthorne Street Fair. It was my first time at it, and the people-watching was choice. But I didn't lollygag because I was out on a mission, to get to a bar in the Pearl where a) my friend Gerald is working the kitchen and b) my friend Heather G. was hanging out with a co-worker and the co-worker's roommate. I made it, hung out, ate, drank an Old Fashioned (finally I was in a good enough mood to feel good about having a drink), and visited. And also was present when a guy somehow (don't ask me how, my back was to him) flipped and did a header onto the wood walkway in front of the bar. Bad enough fall for the guy to warrant firefighters to show up and check his head. Poor guy. I'm glad I'm much more protective of my head now than when I was a kid.

Now: a week. After a week where loads of things happened. And now...?

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