Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Night Tailgater, you don't help anyone

Tonight wasn't necessarily going to end with me home (though it has), as I spent much of Wednesday on the coast (Astoria and Seaside) for the first time since 2010 and almost -- almost -- splurged on a motel room on the coast. Almost.

I'm wishing I had. Would've let me, of course, wake up near the ocean -- always a treat, and which would only happen in Portland if a tsunami of Deep Impact size had hit the northern Pacific sending walls of water inland and killing millions, and that is a terrible comparison so I'll stop -- and let me more rested before hitting the road.

And I wouldn't have been tailgated for the first 10 miles down Rt. 26 towards Portland. The sort of tailgating that makes me want to yell in my best R. Lee Ermey "If you're going to ride my ass, at least kiss my neck!" I had 10 miles of no luck finding a place to pull over or go into another lane so this driver could get to where they're going so much quicker, and felt annoyed relief when the driver headed off. (I'll also pretend that same driver was the one RIGHT AHEAD OF ME when we got stopped by flaggers at a bridge reconstruction site at about mile post 16. If that was so, then speed didn't help, did it, Bwa ha ah ha ha haaaaaaa.


Does anyone actually like driving at night? 'Cause it's not my favorite.

But! I made it home safely. Didn't cause any accidents (I hope!) during the trip. Can sleep in my bed. Don't have to sleep in the car (though I have napped in cars). I live to drive better another day.

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