Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blood? Check. Sweat? Plenty. Tears? Some!

I helped fence in a future home for goats!

I've told you about the Belmont Goats, the urban herd here in S.E. Portland that's soon to move to Lents, farther out in S.E. The goats' owners and a bunch of volunteers have been installing chain-link fence around a Tetris piece-shaped lot on S.E. 91st, about half a block north of Foster. Today I finally got motivated to join them. Might be my first time I've helped in any way with putting up a fence. And it feels good that I helped.

The blood happened because I pricked a finger on a small staple, the kind you use to attach papers or to close a bag. No need for a tetanus shot! The tears were due to sun block getting into my right eye; I took a break to try and wash out my eye, got wet from splashing water on my face, and finally just went to a nearby bar and got an RC so I could be a customer and use the bathroom to get actually cleaned up. (Thing I said soon after while I waited for my eye to stop hurting: "Is there any more of this job I can do with my eyes closed?" Because I could and did do part of the job blind!)

Even without doing the most strenuous work -- and taking breaks because not only did I go to that bar bathroom, but also twice drove people to stores to pick up last-minute necessities -- I was flipping exhausted afterward. (That really should mean "too tired to flip.") I don't want to imagine how tired the owners and other volunteers, who've been doing this on and off for a couple of weeks, feel. I salute them. Now I'm showered, on bed (not yet in it, but soon...soon). Should sleep well tonight.

I am glad I got to be helpful, in a way that will benefit goats later.

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