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How My Mind Works, "The Wire" Edition

A singer-songwriter I follow on Twitter mentioned that she had booked her first Baltimore-area show.

I so wanted to reply to her "Is Omar coming?"

And then I didn't post that to Twitter. Maybe it's too obvious a crack, and sometimes Too Obvious = Not Funny (and often, we geeks will too quickly make the Too Obvious crack just to show that we're quick and/or clever). But I mainly didn't post it because I have yet to see The Wire, and felt like I didn't deserve to make that crack.

And and then I reminded myself that, once I have my TV/DVD player set up where I want it, I can borrow the DVD set of the entire series of The Wire from my folks. Problem solved! Even though that's not in fact a problem.

Side note: If I was OK with using swear words in my entry titles, I'd've titled this "How My Mind Works, Sheeeeeeeeeeit Edition."


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Sep. 3rd, 2014 01:18 am (UTC)
I am so excited for you. I wish I could watch The Wire again for the first time.

And that's an interesting observation about geeks making the too-obvious joke. I've noticed it myself, but never been able to put my finger on exactly what was happening there, at least not as succinctly as you just did. It's like when you're at a party with a bunch of geeks, and someone quotes a movie, and everyone in the room has to go through an entire scene of dialogue before the conversation can proceed... yeah. I always got the impression they were just trying to prove their geek credentials, or something.

Finally, I appreciate your double contraction there at the bottom: "I'd've." Nice.
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