Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How My Mind Works, "The Wire" Edition

A singer-songwriter I follow on Twitter mentioned that she had booked her first Baltimore-area show.

I so wanted to reply to her "Is Omar coming?"

And then I didn't post that to Twitter. Maybe it's too obvious a crack, and sometimes Too Obvious = Not Funny (and often, we geeks will too quickly make the Too Obvious crack just to show that we're quick and/or clever). But I mainly didn't post it because I have yet to see The Wire, and felt like I didn't deserve to make that crack.

And and then I reminded myself that, once I have my TV/DVD player set up where I want it, I can borrow the DVD set of the entire series of The Wire from my folks. Problem solved! Even though that's not in fact a problem.

Side note: If I was OK with using swear words in my entry titles, I'd've titled this "How My Mind Works, Sheeeeeeeeeeit Edition."
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