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A low moment

I'm not proud of this. At best, I avoided not being a jackass, but that's a low bar.

Today was a low day. Hard to motivate myself. I did get out to the Woodstock neighborhood this afternoon, first to have a good Reuben sandwich at Otto's (the Rick Reuben -- I see what they did there), then to the library to update and revise my résumé. During this, I was stewing. I was bothered by lots of stuff, including how hard it's been to push myself to find new work.

I didn't feel my revised résumé was complete, so I saved it for later and prepared to leave. As I went through the inner of the two doors at the library entrance, three family members were coming in through the outer door: two sons and their dad. I held the door. All three of them walked through without acknowledging me, let alone saying any variation of "thank you."

I wanted to say to them "YOU'RE WELCOME" or something else passive-aggressive like that...or even just be direct and ask them "why didn't you say thanks?" And I went back into the library, thinking of finding them so I could say something.

I had to tell myself "Don't."

OK, so I'm no John Doe-style sociopath (he'd have a blog this decade, you think?). AND I PLAN TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. I don't like how I felt today. I look forward to telling y'all when I'm doing and feeling better.

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