Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A soupçon of sweat

My mind just started rewriting George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" replacing "sex" with "sweat." Sample: "sweat is natural, sweat is fun..." -- though it doesn't work when it's "sweat is best when it's one-on-one." What would that even mean?

By the way, I let myself get a little bit sweaty today. Mainly by lots of walking, and as I didn't need to be presentable or go to businesses today, I let myself not shower today. Fear not, I will shower tomorrow; I'll be out and about and around people. Things From Another World will be hosting a Rose City ComiCon kickoff party, and I want to be there; and later the Hollywood Theatre is showing a screening that I can make of The Zero Theorem by director Terry Gilliam. I try not to pass up chances to see Gilliam's work on the big screen! I'm still kicking myself for not making it to a theater the week (sometime several months ago) when it had a revival screening of The Fisher King.

So. Anyway. The walking. Good day for it, today. Autumn coolness hit Portland, as did our first rain in a bit...not too much at the times I was out, though. Light or non-existent enough rain that I could read while walking. I reached more than 30 blocks south of where I live on the first of three (yes, three) walks today: went across the Harney Park soccer field, where I saw a game back in 2000, and later stumbled upon a Jewish congregation's cemetery (Congregation Shaarie Torah). I've seen a little more of Portland that I'd previously not seen. That's worth the sweat. As is the (you hope!) getting healthier you can do when sweating.

tl;dr: yay sweat.

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