Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I hug dead people

It could have been just a typical, vivid dream. It could've been just a silly dream with imagery inspired by the Marvel Comics movies (which it was, with Avengers members and one particular Guardian of the Galaxy, because why not Rocket Raccoon?) and cool maps on the wall of a neighborhood where the streets and homes are somehow moving (because, I think, someone was changing history so that the place went from being developed one way to developed another way).

It was a dream with all that. It also was a dream where, out of nowhere, as I'm by myself in a family house, my late Grandpa Irv shows up: hale, hearty, joking. And I hug him, hard, because we're a family of huggers, but then he's not there. After he'd seemed to be physically there, somehow more solid than anything else in the dream. And, after that, other family members of mine show up, wondering why I seemed so distracted and sad.

Irv Walsh died in June 2005.

Oh, and also there was a brief Robin Williams appearance, because why not be sad about one other part of the dream?

To rework a Caitlin R. Kiernan term, I am a little dream-sick this morning. Or maybe dream-hungover.

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