Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'll assume I survived "Survivor"

OK, apparently I'm awake. And can blog from bed.

At least I dreamed, so I know I was sleeping. The dream was my most involved, ever, Survivor dream. Also my most non-linear Survivor dream, where I first was heading to whatever location the season would be filmed at, then was in the midst of the contest -- in an area that (I think) was supposed to be on the Senegal/Sierra Leone part of West Africa's coast, but my imagination failed and made it look more like Pacific Northwest coastal forests. Where, also, I was running into people, non-contestants, whom I was not supposed to find or meet, but before I could really process that potential drama, the dream jumped back to me having somehow been chosen to take part. Without, apparently, submitting my own audition video to enter: the show had apparently recruited me, I hope to think because I am just that awesome. Nervousness and anticipation were mingled, because again, apparently, I knew some of what was coming as I waited for the contest to begin. Thanks for predicting the future, Dream-Me! At least the future I was dreaming about. (And yep, I apparently had gotten good, non-smartassed advice on the show experience from John Cochran, one of the show's youngest winners, when preparing for the show. Which is probably something I'd want to do if I ever did audition and win a place on Survivor.)

No punchline to the dream: it was simply vivid and detailed, about the anticipation of an intense experience.
Tags: dreams, survivor

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