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This entry involves swearing and Disney. If you don't want those combined, skip this.

So. Frozen. The most iconic and successful Disney animated film since The Lion King, and loaded with deeply catchy music. Like "Let It Go," a song so powerful it literally stopped Elsa from being the film's villain. (Seriously, read that link. Neat story.) "Let It Go" is getting belted out. By somebody. Somewhere. RIGHT NOW. I am probably only slightly exaggerating.

And of course something that ubiquitous gets parodied. ("Weird Al" Yankovic briefly considered writing a Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed version called "Make It So," but found that multiple people had already done that.) And, to the delight of profanity fans like me, one of those parodies has these priceless thirty seconds. Yes, "Fuck It All," sung by someone doing a pretty credible Idina Menzel impression. Okay. But how do you end that? Can you replace the final line "The cold never bothered me anyway"? One version I saw just kept that line; another version about college finals has it as "My grades never bothered me anyway," but that's very specific.

I've spent more time than I should thinking how I'd end it, so the song's still capable of being a non-specific liftable ballad while still being parodied in the same spirit. And I think I have it:

"The haters are all gonna hate anyway."

BAM. You're welcome.
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