Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Just enough light for tricks

Last night, my bed moved. I was sure of it.

In and out of sleep, I'd wake up enough to look around -- darkness this way, darkness that way -- a pinprick of light because the stereo is in "standby" mode; a small splash on the ceiling from a power strip being on; in the other direction, a shard of outside light that made it past the curtain and came to rest on the door. Wait. Which door?

This bedroom has three of them: one to the foyer/living room/dining room area, one to a small hallway that connects to the bathroom and also the living room/dining room area, and one to the closet. The closet door is closest to my head: the other two doors face each other. I found that it was a good idea to close the closet door before I go to sleep: one thing about the view into the closet seemed somehow wrong, distractingly so...and sleep goes better when you're relaxed, right?

Still, in this darker-than-I'm-used-to space, at times when the dream-mind is more active and ready to create images that aren't necessarily like how the waking world looks, my mind looked at the lights it could see and decided that something, somehow, had moved. Impossibly, but apparently, before I again assimilated that I was seeing THAT, THERE, and THAT OTHER THING, OVER THERE. That way. And then got back to sleep. And got, I hope, more relaxed.

ANYWAY. Good morning. Now can I make it a good day?

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