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Finally, a football post

I was going to say this:
OK, I'm very much a veteran of the "cheer for the Redskins and whoever's playing the Cowboys" school of cheering, but I have to admire the 4th-and-goal stop the Cowboys made on the Skins' first attempted goal right at the goal line (the Skins guy was almost on top of it when he got pushed back).
but a few seconds later I could add to that
Safety! Safety! Score!
It was a nicely done safety, too.

2-0 'Skins! Keep it up, boys!

(Oh, yeah, occasionally I'll blog about football. I'll try to keep it interesting for the Robyns and Zarhooies and others on my f-list who don't follow the sport.)

Edited To Add: 22-19 'Skins! Decided by a blocked field goal attempt, a that-could've-been-a-cause-of-hurt penalty (grabbing the face mask in a way that could've twisted the helmet off, which hurts when it's done), and a Redskins field goal that did work (only a few minutes after one that hadn't). Yes! I thought it was headed for overtime.

I like being able to watch football again. Good wins make that like-ier. ;-)
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