Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

On Call: some phone experience

In an effort to Not Be That Jerk, I didn't answer my cell phone when it vibrated and (quietly) rang in the library. I waited. I let the caller go to voice mail. I packed up my stuff and walked outside, and stood in a not-too-drippy place (it's drizzling in Portland) to check the message.

All to listen to a voice mail. All to Not Be That Jerk who picks up in a public place surrounded by people and goes "Yeah?"

I'm not used to having a cell phone. I've briefly borrowed phones here and there, mainly for work when I was at the construction company, and didn't have one I was actually using until last July. It's a hand-me-down Tracfone my parents used to use, reloaded via gift cards. It's pretty basic: my dad said "You can try to go online with it, but you'd probably end up throwing it away." As in "throwing it into a river or something out of frustration." A man's gotta know his phone's limitations.

But it definitely works as a phone. Also, I'm amused that my not-usually-too-technically-inclined mother is currently the person who texts me the most, but I'm digressing. (Weird, that I've been online for decades and on Twitter for five years and only since last summer have I ever texted, but I'm digressing further.) Anyway, I'd better get used to this, and be aware of how I can use my cell phone in non-jerk ways. Even when it might be so, so convenient to answer within earshot of many people, none of whom want to hear my side of a conversation.

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