Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Care package and voting successes

Kaplan-san has informed me that the Care package I sent to Hawaii has arrived. He has a zombie book; his wife Gerry has Trader Joe's-brand hand lotion. These are among the tihngs that make them happy. They also make each other happy.

And this morning, I got out of the apartment early and detoured downtown, to drop off my ballot at an official drop-box. I've voted! And now I'll keep ignoring any "vote for this" or "vote for that" messages.

I kept notes on who and what I voted for, so I don't have to remember off the top of my head how I voted, but I voted "yes" on only one of the state measures. It actually felt kind of good to be that contrary: "OK, that's a bad idea; that's also not good; oh, that's a really bad idea..."
Tags: politics, portland

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