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Tarp Wrestling!

Oh, yeah, I spent this evening getting slapped by tarps, you?

Also got head-butted in my leg by a goat, but that was later. I wound up with the owners of the Belmont Goats, plus a few other volunteers, to make sure that the (still in progress) shelter's tarps didn't blow away in a lot, a lot, A LOT of wind. The wind I talked about right before hearing that the owners needed duct tape at the site. I sent them a message that I'd get there, got in the car, drove to a hardware store between home and Lents where the goats live, and got especially strong duct tape. Gorilla Tape, if you know it (I didn't; I'm not a tool man). I got to the site, glad I was in a sweatshirt, boots, and pants that could get dirty no problem, and waited to see if they could use me other ways.

Didn't have to wait long. Big gusts tore at the west-facing tarps, and I wound up holding one of them in place against the frame. And leaning into it (using my body weight for good!), trying to keep enough tarp bunched up that I could hold onto it, too, having slightly more control. The owners and volunteers got that tarp in place by screwing small boards on top of the frame, while above us clouds bulged darkly. Some looked like they'd form fists and punch us. The good news: it didn't rain while we were out there.

The goats stayed in the shelter, even as noisy as it was, during the strongest wind. The chicken, Juniper, was more adventurous, walking outside but near the shelter. A few of the owners and volunteers had to be more adventurous by getting on the roof to screw down the tarps in some places and unscrew other screws in a couple of other places. Once the wind died down somewhat (qualifiers, important), the goats got more adventurous, too, and headed off elsewhere on the lot to eat. (I saw a couple lick at a container of curry chicken salad one of the owners had in her bike trailer. Just in case it was important, I told that owner later.) The goats only occasionally got in my way; thanks, goats. A couple of the volunteers headed off, then came back after sundown with thank-you pizza and beer. I let the others have the beer since I drove, and I gladly dove into a couple of slices of pizza. It was like moving pizza, which is especially good pizza.

I think one goat wanted what I was having. I think that explains the head-butt. Other goats let me pet and scratch them. I liked that. The owners let me go as they finished wrangling what they could tonight, plus planning for tomorrow. Things are getting more settled. And I helped.
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