Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This Is The Week That Still Is

This week: not done yet! But I can update with what I've been up to...

Sunday was football. Watching it, not playing it.

Monday, I visited Lisa and Brian Wood at Big-Ass Sandwiches, and had my first Big-Ass nacho cheese fries (sliced jalapeños, grilled onions, and the cheese sauce) in a while. And, once home, got a message about a temp job.

Tuesday I went to the temp agency and had my first-ever done-by-mouth drug test. I've had drug tests before, but those used my piss: this one involved a swab to the mouth. Which then seemed to have trouble generating saliva. Do my glands have performance anxiety?

I then rode the right buses to get to McMenamins Kennedy School, for the fourth-to-last Geek Trivia. Got fed at the theater (pork tenderloin!) and then used the strength to answer trivia questions and be a know-it-all -- unless I didn't know an answer.

Wednesday started very early, due to waking up nervous about the job way too early. Grr. But I got to the office, started learning, and will hope this works.

That was Thursday and Friday, too -- oh, I can still work regularly -- plus a Thursday night treat. My friend Riona and I braved traffic to Vancouver's Kiggins Theater, open that night for a free live performance by Willamette Radio Workshop of the Mercury Theatre War of the Worlds.

And today...?

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