Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's been the sort of day...

...where I seem to hear everything as if it were being sung by Leonard Cohen.

This is not a bad thing, and this was not a bad day. Still, at the end of the workday part of today, I decided to pass up a few chances to be social, and just go home. A little tired, that's what I am.

This morning was a nice one: walking to the bus under spotlit clouds, as the morning sun's rays were partly blocked but partly not. Then rain by the time I got to work and ran my first morning errand, over to a P.O. Box for the mail that I sort, but I missed the worst of that rain. (A guy who works next to me didn't, so much so that he ran to a store to buy dry socks.) I was reasonably productive, which helps. I have a use for being useful.

A nice a day, in short. This entry: also short.

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